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This comprehensive class is customized for first-time parents or for parents that need a refresher. The class is designed to answer questions about labor & delivery, pain management, relaxation techniques, cesarean birth, postpartum care and what to expect from your newborn’s first hours of life. Our goal is to give you the information you need and the tools necessary to make your birth experience great
NOTE: It is recommended to take this class between 28-36 weeks of pregnancy, (although any stage of pregnancy is welcome!)


When you bring home a new baby you never know exactly what to expect. But there are a few things you can count on for sure…challenges, surprises, love, happiness, and laughter! Our Baby Basics class is designed to provide parents with up-to-date information on newborn care including feeding, typical newborn behavior, sleeping, swaddling, diapering options and techniques, bathing, umbilical cord care, circumcision care, health, safety and much more.
This class is not only perfect for new expecting parents, but for those in need of a refresher!


This class is instructed by an Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). Topics discussed in classes include proper latch, the first few hours after baby is born, methods to increase milk production and much more. Our IBCLC will help you to feel more confident and be more prepared so that you may successfully breastfeed your infant. *Expecting moms-to-be only, sorry dads!*


In this segment the instructor with go over the following:
o Breastfeeding in the hospital
o How to establish a good milk supply
o Nutrition, 101 reasons to breastfeed
o Alternatives to breastfeeding (i.e. cup, spoon, syringe)
o Signs of a good feeding
o How family and friends can help and support
*This class is to be taken before baby arrives.


In this segment the instructor will go over the following:
o How to understand if your baby is positioned and latched correctly
o Signs of mastitis
o When to call a lactation consultant
o Pumping and going back to work
o Proper formula preparation
o Resources available to breastfeeding moms
*Both classes should be taken for maximum knowledge and success!

Classes are to be taken BEFORE baby arrives and both classes should be taken for maximum knowledge!


By the end of this course, you will feel confident to administer CPR to an infant up to 12-months old in an emergency situation. You will also be able to identify signs of choking and take steps necessary to possibly save an infant’s life. Skills are taught using American Heart Association guidelines.

*Each attendee will need their own ticket 

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