Patient Testimonials


Debra and George Stallings
“I had experienced bleeding at 22 weeks and went to my obstetrician.Upon examination, she felt no cervix. She happened to contact Dr. Adashek whom I had seen one time ten years earlier when a blood test came back as suspicious during my first pregnancy when I was 26 yrs old. Back then he performed an amino and all was fine. Now 10 years later, I was immediately sent to his office and he told me I still had not ruptured my water but that I was fully dilated and it was too late for a cerclage. He put me into the hospital on bed rest as he said he worried I would not stay in bed knowing I had a 10-year-old with diabetes and autism at home. We were able to get to 26 weeks before I delivered my 2lb 2 oz son, Jax. He is now a happy, healthy kindergartener who just lost his first tooth. Even though I was diagnosed with an incompetent cervix, my husband and I were also able to have my daughter a year later with his help and medical intervention of the cervical cerclage done before I had dilated. Avery was born at 34 weeks and is a beautiful healthy little girl. I know Dr. Adashek receives many praises but I can honestly say they couldn’t be more deserved. He is thoughtful, caring, intelligent and kind. A lot of doctors I have had do not have the best bedside manner, but Dr. Adashek is so careful and thoughtful. I would recommend him to absolutely anyone I need of a high-risk pregnancy doctor. We love you guys!!”

Katheryn Schlatter
“I am not sure I can put into words how amazing my experience with Dr. Bohman was and the whole team at DPA Henderson location. The patient care Dr. Bohman and the team at DPA provided went above and beyond what I expected. Every step of the way I felt informed, comfortable and confident in the care we were receiving. With my experience working in the medical field, my standards are high and Dr. Bohman and his staff exceeded my expectations in every way. I could not have asked for a better experience. A big thanks from the bottom of my heart to Dr. Bohman and his team. I could only hope that other Doctors offices and providers could learn from the standard and protocols of DPA. Thanks for providing amazing care Dr. Bohman.”

Misty Goodroad
“I started seeing Dr. Wilkes after several losses and years of trying to have a baby. The first time Dr. Wilkes said you’re bringing a baby home from the hospital was the first time I’d had any hope in a long time and through many tears and pep talks, I finally brought my baby girl home!! I can’t thank Dr. Wilkes and the staff at DPA enough for making my dreams come true!”

Elizabeth Bryant
“I had to go to the hospital during my 2nd pregnancy with Braxton hicks.  I met Dr. Wilkes when he came in to consult with me. It was at night and he had terrible allergies and a wife recovering from a surgery at, home. He was so genuine, kind and professional. I delivered my daughter 6 months later with him and got to know him a bit. What an awesome, kind soul! Next was my son and due to my age, I was high-risk and able to continue with him. He became more than just my doctor because he is just such an empathetic, understanding man. We both seemed to have been in a valley in our lives and he treated me with kindness and understanding. Needless to say, I went off to raise my babies and my husband and I often think of him and how he made a difficult time in our lives less traumatizing by letting us see his human side and making both pregnancies such a good memory. I just love this guy!!! He is extraordinary!

Trisha Sheehan
Trisha Sheehan & family became members of the DPA family when their 3rd baby was diagnosed with Triploidy. In her own words, Trisha explains: “We felt totally blessed to have found such a wonderful and supportive group to care for us during that pregnancy, which was a very trying time.” Even after this devastating loss, the Sheehan family didn’t give up. “After losing our baby girl at 18 weeks, we knew our family wasn’t complete and asked Dr. Bolnick to take on the next pregnancy as our full-time doctor. He accepted with open arms but much to everyone’s surprise, the next baby was already baking! We had a wonderful pregnancy and the care and support that we received was absolutely amazing. You know you share a special bond with your nurses and doctor when tears of joy are shed while under their care. Dr. Bolnick was a total rock star and deliver our 4th child (a baby boy) who was born into this world weighing a healthy 9 lbs. 4 oz. Our nurse Estella and Genetics Counselor Olivia played a huge role in our lives as well and we will be forever thankful to them & Dr. Bolnick!”

Danielle Custodio
(An open letter to Dr. Joseph Adashek & Dr. Paul Wilkes)

“I wanted to write a letter to the two of you as the founding doctors of Desert Perinatal Associates, to express my sincere gratitude. You two have an amazing practice with truly amazing people working for you; and coming from a pregnant, hormonal woman, that is saying a lot! I have never met anyone at Desert Perinatal that was not truly pleasant and professional in demeanor; everyone always has a smile as if they never have a bad day.”

“Throughout my pregnancy, I have felt as if I was the only patient the nurses had to handle. I still cannot figure out how they manage to make patients feel this way with all of their patients and duties, but it never failed whether it was medication refills, home health care authorizations, or just annoying questions, they were always there! I can truly say the nurses at Summerlin (my main office) have gone above and beyond to ensure the safety of me and the viability of my pregnancy. To give you an example, in my first trimester I was suffering from hyperemesis and the home health care company was “too busy” to get to me for IV hydration. Instead of sending me to the hospital on a Saturday morning, as most practices would have done without hesitation, Becky and Laurie came in and took care of me. I felt so at ease having them there, but selfish keeping them from their family on a weekend. Of course, they did it all with a smile and as I felt better and started to get hungry, Laurie even offered to go get me Girl Scout cookies (she overheard me saying I loved them)!”

“I am so honored to have had the Desert Perinatal team there for me throughout this pregnancy and love referring Desert Perinatal to everyone because I know they will get the same truly amazing care. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for bringing such quality people into one place to offer superior care and helping my family finally be able to experience a healthy pregnancy!”

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