Patient Forms


As a new patient and in anticipation of your visit, please complete the following forms, either online or download and print, and then bring them with you on your first visit. This will allow the physician more time to address your healthcare needs. If you have any questions, please call the business office at 702-341-6610.

If you need Adobe Acrobat to read these PDF files, click here for a free download.

You have 2 options:

  • Fill in your forms and submit online.
  • Download, print and complete the forms, bring them with you on your first visit.


Online Patient Forms


Instructions: Click the link below to open a single online version of all forms.

•You will need Acrobat Reader to complete these forms online: Get Acrobat Reader free

•Fields to be completed will appear in light blue

•Please complete all fields in blue, signature fields should be left blank and your complete form will be available to sign at the office.

•When you have completed all fields, locate the Submit Form button in the upper right of the Acrobat Reader window

•You will be prompted to select what email program type you use to send email, select the appropriate answer. Send.

• IF YOU ARE RECEIVING AN ERROR, please close any open email programs and click submit again. This often resolves the error.

 you can save the complete document to your computer and email it as an attachment to:
OR you can print the completed document and bring it to your first appointment.
You will find the print and save icons in the upper left of the Acrobat reader window.

• ID/Insurance: You are also welcome to scan your ID and Insurance card information and attach in a separate email to:




Printable Patient Forms


Form 1

Notice of Privacy Practices Acknowledgement Form

Form 2

Patient Registration

Form 3

Attention Parents and Guardians

Form 4

Financial Responsibility Acknowledgement

Form 5

Ultrasound Consent Form

Form 6

Consent for Obtaining, Retaining, or Disclosing Genetic Information

Form 7

Patient Worksheet

Form 8

Records Release

Spanish Language Forms


Form 1

Reconocimiento Financiero de Responsabilidad

Form 2

Acuerdo de Saldo Restante

Form 3

Un Breve Vistaso A Lo Que Es Arbitraje

Form 4

El Consentimiento Para Obtener

Form 5

Formulario de Consentimiento para Ultrasonidos



Printable Brochures



A Helpful Guide to Amniocentesis


A Helpful Guide to Non-Invasive prenatal Testing (NIPT)


A Helpful Guide to Screening


A Helpful Guide to Carrier Testing


A Helpful Guide to CVS


A Helpful Guide to Genetic Counseling


A Helpful Guide to Glucose Tolerance Testing


Una guía útil de laamniocentesis


Una guía útil para el Escrutinio


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