Pregnancy Myths – How First Time Dads See the Stages of Pregnancy

Ladies, can we get a “like” for the men in our lives!  They’re amazing husbands, fathers, friends, sons, and brothers.  But when they’re trying to navigate their way through the stages of pregnancy it becomes clear that what they think is happening is often nothing like what we are actually experiencing.

Daddies it’s not your fault.  We blame the pregnancy myths on your friends, pop culture, and the internet.


We asked you all here today to set the record straight, to help you better understand what your wife, the mother of your unborn bundle of joy, is actually experiencing during her pregnancy.

This knowledge will make your wife happier.  It’s true.  Happy wife, happy life.  And you better remember that for the next 9 months. Otherwise, she just might lose it on you…and that would not be good!


The earliest stage of pregnancy is ushered in right after that uncomfortably long 30 second wait for the test results.  It’s positive!  We’re having a baby!

It’s too early to share the news but the rush of what lies ahead is overwhelming.  You’re buddies told you that the hardest part was getting pregnant.  Survey says….wrong!

What you think she’s thinking: We’re having a baby!  I can’t wait to hold that little nugget.  I hope my husband is willing to have 6 or 7 more!

What she’s actually thinking: Yay! We’re having a baby….we better start getting ready!  I better go get some books. Is nine months enough time to get everything done?  Crap, summer’s coming and it’s going to be as hot as Hades!  I’ll be waaay pregnant by then.  What am I going to wear?  What about the baby’s room?  How will I tell work?  How much time should I take off?  Is delivery going to hurt?

You see, the hard part begins with the pregnancy and continues to the day that your child, now an adult and parent themselves, pulls out of your driveway with your dear grandchild in the car, crying because they didn’t want to leave Nana and Papa’s house yet.

It’s all hard, but oh so worth it.  So buckle up buddy and enjoy the ride!


Morning sickness is one of the early signs of pregnancy but it isn’t one of the enjoyable parts of pregnancy.

If your wife is a few months into her pregnancy you may have seen her run to the bathroom in the ongoing battle against morning sickness.  If your wife isn’t that far along, this is something you have to look forward to.

What you think she’s thinking: I just need to make it until lunch and then I can dive into that all you can eat buffet.  It’s great that morning sickness passes so quickly.

What she’s actually thinking: If he walks in here one more time with a plate of anything, I’ll stab him with his own fork.  True story.

Know this, smells are very powerful triggers.  Many expectant mothers have very low tolerance for the smell of food, let alone the close contact with strong aromas of your favorite indulgence.

Some women experience morning sickness all day long, not just in the morning, and unfortunately, for some “morning sickness” can last much longer than the first trimester. It can be a hard time for everyone, but hang in there!  Give her lots of love and support…it won’t last forever!


Early signs of pregnancy include the baby bump.  Though it’s very subtle at first, it begins to grow as you share the news of your new addition with your family and friends.

You want to let the world know that you’ve procreated by placing your hand on her baby bump and sharing the news with every new passer by.  You’ve seen the dominate males of other species strut through the herd after they’ve mated.  Elk, bulls, and lions all do it.  You’re a proud lion!

Just remember, praying mantis females eat the male after mating so consider yourself lucky!

What you think she’s thinking: This is the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced and I want the world to know how happy we are to be pregnant.  It’s cute when he pulls up my shirt to reveal my baby bump.

What she’s actually thinking:  If he asks me to show my belly to one more stranger I’m going to point out his Daffy Duck ankle tattoo instead.  I feel like I’m already 8 months pregnant and the last thing I want is to share that with the weird guy on rollerblades.

It’s ok to be proud.  You should.  But your wife’s body is undergoing extreme changes like the growth of her baby bump.  But these changes also include other changes that you can’t see like hormonal changes that can affect her in other ways.  Be sensitive to these changes and give her room to enjoy the early stages of pregnancy without having to demonstrate proof of the little bun in the oven.


The increases in hormonal activity and the levels of estrogen, as well as progesterone, can cause your wife’s breasts to increase in size.  In fact, breast size can increase throughout the entire pregnancy.

What you think she’s thinking: I love my new breasts!  I can’t wait to show these off at the community pool this weekend.

What she’s actually thinking:  Dang these things are tender and HUGE and none of my bras fit.  My back is starting to hurt and the pressure from my bra is just painful.

See guys, as a women advances through the stages of her pregnancy her lung capacity increases which affects her rib cage and often her chest size.  While you’re oogling her larger breasts, she’s cursing the fact that nothing feels comfortable, everything is too small, and in the late stages of pregnancy, she might also begin to leak colostrum.


So this isn’t a myth but rather a fact.  Many women, particularly late in pregnancy, will experience the need to prep their abode for their new arrival.

What you think she’s thinking: Part of the joy of pregnancy is getting the nursery ready for little Joey.

What she’s actually thinking: My feet are swollen.  I’m constipated.  I still get morning sickness at 4 o’clock in the afternoon.  I have to go to the bathroom every 10 minutes.  I hope these varicose veins disappear.  Is that a stretch mark?

Many expectant mothers report the overwhelming urge to prepare their home for the baby’s arrival.  But don’t be a passive part of that process, dads.  Your wife is battling a laundry list of challenges in her body and mind.  She could use the help getting everything done.

Of course, she may be a little short on patience or maybe even a little forgetful but that comes with the territory thanks to the hormonal changes of pregnancy.  So do your best to be the cheap labor she needs to get it all done, her way, before junior arrives.

Photo by Thomas Pompernigg.

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