Dr. Paul Wilkes – Always the Philanthropist!

Dr. Paul Wilkes is known by his patients for his amazing bedside manner and wonderful sense of humor.  But did you know he is actively involved with several charities?  Although he supports many charities, he serves on the Board of Directors for 3 that are especially important to his views.

Patrick Kelley Youth Foundation

In keeping with the beliefs of Patrick Kelley, the PKYF believe all children should have the opportunities & resources to reach their full potential.  As a result, the foundation encourages underprivileged children to obtain an education and become involved in after-school activities.  The children are given goals (such as good grades, citizenship and school attendance) for upcoming quarters and when these goals are achieved, they are rewarded with a bicycle and helmet.  In 2010, they also hope to fund at least (2) $20,000 scholarships to high school seniors.  PKYF also believes that children can learn life long lessons through sports.  To find out more information, visit:  Patrick Kelley Youth Foundation

Jump for Joy Foundation

Jump for Joy (J4J) concentrates its efforts on reversing and preventing childhood obesity.  J4J strives to educate children and their families about the dangers of living an unhealthy lifestyle and the potential issues that can occur in the future.  By raising awareness of childhood obesity in our neighborhoods and throughout the community, J4J hopes to empower our youth with confidence and health as they grow into adults.  They provide all of the following for free: fitness camps once a month (age group specific), fitness fairs, health screenings (quarterly), diabetes monitoring kits for kids in Clark County and school programs.  Additionally, they sponsor the J4J Gym Shoe Drive as a method to obtain funds and gym shoes for our youth.  To find out more information, visit: Jump for Joy Foundation

Sight for Life

Sight for Life believes all Nevadans with treatable vision loss should have access to care regardless of their ability to pay.  Their goal is to provide charitable eye care services to those who would otherwise have no hope.  Many doctors are willing to donate their time to patients with sight threatening diseases, but often, medication and supplies are needed that cannot be covered.  Sight for Life was created to fill this void.  The foundation provides medical and surgical eye care for common diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, keratoconus and retinal detachments, as well as others.  Additionally, Sight for Life sponsors the Annual Swing for Sight Charity Golf Tournament.  To find out more information, visit: Sight for Life

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