‘Miracle baby’ delivered by Dr. Wilkes

When Karen Manuel was only 23 weeks into her pregnancy, she was informed that her baby girl would have to be delivered early or risk losing her. Karen and her husband Gary welcomed their baby girl, Sadie Ann into the world on September 9, 2010 instead of her due date of January 1, 2011.

Dr. Paul Wilkes performed the C-section and likened it to removing the seed from an avocado. Because Karen was only 23 weeks pregnant at the time, Sadie Ann weighed less than 1 lb at delivery. Dr. Wilkes said she was so tiny, he was able to scoop her out with one hand and compared her size to that of a bird. Nine days later she had heart surgery and numerous blood transfusions. Doctors informed the Manuel’s that Sadie Ann’s chances of survival were small, but they never gave up hope. “This is exceptional that a baby that size with that many problems from conception to the time of delivery would survive,” said D. Wilkes.

We’re happy to announce that Sadie Ann is now a thriving 7 month old and weighs more than 14 lbs. Although she is a few months behind developmentally, the Manuel’s are happy to be celebrating their first Mother’s Day! To read the whole story click on this link:  Miracle Baby

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